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The Janus decision rocked unions across the country. However, research shows the best way for unions to survive is to focus on professional development.

On July 17, 2018, an article published on Vox.com dives into how the Supreme Court's Janus decision is dramatically affectings unions and their members. Without a doubt, Janus is terrible for the National Education Association and by extension, the South Dakota Education Association. However, there is definitely a silver lining. Professors Alexander Hertel-Fernandez and Ethan Porter explain in the article "that public sector unions are most likely to be successful not when they stress the political “voice” that unions provide, nor when they stress narrow job protections. Rather, unions looking to energize their members need to provide clear benefits that members value related to their identity as professional employees — benefits that those members can’t get elsewhere and that members have to pay dues to get."

To learn more about how unions can survive through focusing on professional development, read the entire article here.